Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Offical Charles Plymell Fan Site

This is the Official Fan Site for the legendary figure, Charles Plymell, who was involved with a loose gang of experimental writers and outsider artists in post war 1950s America. He currently lives with his wife in Cherry Valley, New York and is still kickin' against the pricks.

As a writer, publisher, printer and collaborator, Charley has been linked with some of the most influential writers and artists to come out of America. For example, he has collaborated and maintained friendships with bassist and punk icon, Mike Watt, Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and in previous years with Richard Hell, S Clay Wilson, Robert Branaman, A D Winans and the late Neal Cassady, Herbert Huncke and William S. Burroughs.

Charley's writing has always displayed a vibrant and astute engagement with life and a heady, intoxicatingly descriptive allure. Exchanging emails with Charley on a regular basis has been a real treasure for me. I never imagined I'd ever meet the author of the seminal novel, "Last of The Moccasins," which was originally published in 1971 by City Lights. But I am grateful that our paths did cross. I must admit that knowing Charley and being a close friend has been a true joy.

Over the past few years I have found that there are hundreds and hundreds of people who treasure Charley's work as much as I have- people from all over the world- not just the USA. I have been contacted by fans of Charley's from France, Australia, the United Kingdom and other places. With so much interest in his writing and since Charles Plymell is such a wonderful, creative person, I decided to create this site.

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Enjoy! - Ginger Eades


  1. CP is an extraordinary author and an icon of this age in American Literature. I applaud his work and the site here, as well as every publication he has!! Thanks for creating this fansite!

  2. Hi Charley I worked with you in the print shop at Wesley in Wichita. Great website. Candystriper Carol

  3. CAROL!! CHarley said, "One time a huge carton of Dexedrine spansules burst & they were all over the floor. Big Crises!! " He said he would be happy to e mail with you. If you want to, send your e mail. CP cannot get onto the fansite but he can write u through his e mail. He was delighted, along with mutual friends of yours and his, to hear from you!